Poker VIP And Bonus Programs

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  • Making the Most of Poker Room Bonuses and VIP Programs

If you are new to playing Poker online, you might not know about all the free cash and prizes you can get for just playing Poker. Of course, nothing in life is completely free, you should know that, so for the free cash bonuses, there are usually some terms and agreements they make you meet before your bonus is released. Another thing that online Poker rooms give their players are VIP programs that let them earn points for prizes and tournament entries.

Poker Room Bonuses

They have lots of snazzy names for all of the different bonuses that they offer ya like Welcome Bonuses, First Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Refer a Friend bonuses etc. The purpose of the poker bonuses are to reel the players in and once they got you hooked, they give you all kinds of other cool bonuses to keep you.

Welcome Bonus/First Deposit Bonus - These are pretty much the same thing although some online Poker rooms have been known to give you free cash before you deposit, your welcome bonus usually has something to do with your first deposit. The most common Welcome or First Deposit Bonus is a 100% match bonus of up to a certain amount, usually a few hundred bucks. A 100% match bonus means that for every dollar you put in your Poker account, they will match you a dollar. Not to mention that these are some of the easiest poker sites around.

Reload Bonus - A Reload Bonus is almost just like the first deposit bonus, only you have already made your first deposit, so now you are reloading your account. Also, reload bonuses usually don’t get you as much cash, they might be guaranteed up to the same amount, but reload bonuses are usually around 50-75% match bonuses.

Refer a Friend Bonus - A Refer a Friend bonus is another Poker bonus that you will find at just about every online Poker room. It works just like the name says, you refer your friends and the Poker room gives you a bonus for it. Since most people like to play poker with their buddies, it’s like the Poker room paying you to have Poker night at their house.

Poker Room VIP Programs

Poker VIP Programs are just like Vegas casino comp programs, except instead of free room and food, you can use your points for tournament entries or Poker gear and merchandise. The way Poker VIP Programs work is that for every dollar that you spend in tournament buy ins and wager at the ring games, you will get points. Then, you can use your points to get stuff you want.

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