Diners Club Poker Deposits

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Use Diners Club to deposit real money into your online poker account at any of the following websites.

1. BetOnline Poker

2. Intertops Poker

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What Are Diners Club Poker Deposits?

Diners Club is an international credit card that has gained momentum in the online gambling arena.  Originally more of a business charge card, Diners Club has become increasingly popular as a personal line of credit and is known for their high rate of successful transaction approvals, instantaneous transfers, and superb customer service.  Using your Diners Club For Poker Deposits is considered one of the most convenient and flexible options to hit the poker room scene, and is expected to become more popular and more prevalent in the industry. 

As with any credit card option, USA players will not know if their card is a viable deposit method option until actually processing the transaction.  With a little luck and a good processing service, you'll quickly be on your way to that winning had of poker.  For those who are already using your Diners Club for funding your online poker account, you've already discovered that your Diners Club Card is one of the most important cards in the deck!

Advantages Of Using Diners Club Poker Deposits

The advantages to using your Diners Club Card are about the same as using any other credit card.  It is extremely convenient, and flexible, and offers one of the most secure deposit method options in the online banking industry.  Using your Diners Club charge card ensures instant deposits and therefore you are able to instantly get your poker hand going.  You will quickly become accustomed to superb customer service, and even some 'extra' bonus offers for using this preferred online poker deposit method.

Who Can Use Diners Club For Poker Deposits?

Any cardholder who's country of origin is not prohibited from playing at any given poker room may use their Diners Club Charge Card to play, including USA players. Players will be delighted with access to a convenient and hassle free payment option, and the fact that their account will be instantly credited with their deposit.