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  • Successful Poker Bankroll Management for Players Of All Levels

Some people play online poker for fun, some approach it as a way to make some extra money, and some outright make a living from it. What we are going to discuss here today is a successful poker bankroll management system you can begin to use immediately which will dramatically help you minimize your financial losses, regardless what type of player you are. We will break down three different strategies for three different types of players. This system will apply regardless of your poker deposit method of choice, whether you opt for American Express poker deposits or eCheck poker deposits, the way you handle your money should be universal.

First off, we will address the casual player who wants to win as much as possible to quickly build a big bankroll. This is generally someone (we will call them a Casual and Loose player) who is starting with a smaller amount of money that they could replace easily and immediately if they had to. The next type of player we will focus on is the person (Mid-Level Veteran) who wants to use a winning poker bankroll management system to create a nice piece of extra income, but can not play as wildly as the loose and casual gambler. Then there is the Professional, who would be absolutely devastated if he lost his entire bankroll.

Casual and Loose

As mentioned above, this is the player who is starting out with a smaller amount of money which is easily replaceable, and wants to build it up as quickly as possible. Because of this poker bankroll management strategy, there is a much greater chance of suffering significant losses, though this approach will help minimize losses and maximize financial gain. This is usually going to be the typical Internet poker player. If this sounds like you, then you will want to start out with a bankroll of at least 200 big bets in a Limit Hold 'Em situation. If No Limit Hold 'Em is your game, you will need at least 15 buy-ins, and if you prefer a Sit-n-Go situation, you should carry at least 20 buy-ins as a starting bankroll. Multi-table tournament players will want at least 40 times the buy-in with this system.

Mid-Level Veteran

This type of player is hoping to make a substantial income from his or her online poker efforts, but does not have quite a big enough bankroll to be considered a professional. If he were to lose everything, it would be tough, but not impossible, to replace his starting roll. The proper poker bankroll management for this type of player requires 400 big bets in a Limit Texas Hold 'Em situation, 25 buy-ins when playing No Limit Hold 'Em, 45 buy-ins at the Sit-n-Go tables, and at least 100 buy-ins for multi-table tournament play as a start.

The Professional

This type of player derives the majority of his or her income by playing poker. This is a job and not a hobby for this dedicated poker pro, and because of this, protecting capital is the basis for a poker bankroll management system here. The professional should never even consider playing unless he holds a minimum of 550 to 600 big bets in Limit Hold 'Em, 40 buy-ins in No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, 60 buy-ins for Sit-n-Go play and at least 150 buy-ins in a multi-table tournament format.

Now that we know your starting point, let's look at how to manage your money. The Professional player understands there is a lot of variance provided by luck and chance, so this gambler will want to play a technically sound game, taking few chances and making large wagers only when he knows the odds are in his favor. The Casual and Loose player should be aggressive early, establishing her dominance over weaker players. Remember, if this is you, you can easily and quickly replace your bankroll, so get aggressive and start bullying. The Mid-Level Veteran will play with a strategy somewhere in between the loose and technically sound profiles above.

Professionals, mid-level veterans and casual, loose players will either decide to play the odds or play hunches. Your style of play is entirely up to you. Some of the best poker players in the world have vastly different styles, but are still successful. But whatever style of play you enjoy, as long as you employ the proven poker bankroll management strategy outlined above that fits your particular wallet or purse, you will find you stay in the game longer, and have a better chance at winning over time.

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